Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Southwest Airlines

After reading several articles about the young college student being asked to change because her outfit was inappropriate, I am disgusted with Southwest. I believe Southwest had know write to make her change because she wasn't revealing nothing, and the person who asked her to change must have been a pervert. Now her picture is plastered all over the Internet and the girl was humiliated. Southwest handled this situation poorly. People who are buying their services shouldn't be treated this way. As for the apology they made...why would anyone want to turn a hurtful situation into a joke? If anyone has ever seen their show , Airline, on AE, then you'll find out that there are many customers out there that are very unhappy with their services. I'm surprise their still in business.

As for apologies in the corporate world, I believe they can make you or break you. Its really important to apologize to the public because they are the ones that count the most. Southwest is an example of a poor apology- fyi don't apologize and make it into a big joke!

PRSA Ethics and P.R. Values

I think the PRSA ethics code is very similiar to p.r. values. I find the PRSA code of ethics very interesting because its the first time I have ever looked at them. Ethics is crucial in the p.r. field and as the PRSA Web site said, "Ethical practice is the most important obligation of a PRSA member." The PRSA ethics code, honesty and p.r. values truth match up very well. In honesty, accuracy and truth has to be lead in the highest standard according to the PRSA.. I beleive that is true. For what ever firm or company you are working for, honesty and truth are important to customers no matter how much people don't think it is. These values and ethics code give people a mind set on how to practice p.r. the moral and ethical way.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple iPhone case

I believe after reviewing the Apple iPhone case, none of the P.R. values really applied to the situation. I believe that the values truth and stewardship is really important when dealing with crisis and it seems Apple panicked it their situation. Many customers want the truth before buying a product and the information that makes this product. Steve Jobs has explain that lowering the prices of the iPhone so quickly is because the holiday is coming around. Could is be because they were too expensive in the first place? jobs used the utilitarian approach when dealing with the iPhone problem. Many customers were hurt during the process.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Many companies say their clueless about what they buy and where is came from. Those certain car companies mentioned in the article were so quick to stop business with Brazil, but I think they would still continue if left unnoticed. In a way, we don't have a connection to the people living a working in horrible conditions. Its because we don't know. I think the U.S. should be more conscious about where their getting their materials from. It hard to get people to care.

Not everyone does matter

I don't believe that everyone matters within corporate America's supply change. When you hear stories about poor treatment among workers and low wages, one can't help to think other wise. Corporate companies care about one thing: themselves. I've worked for a corporate company and it sucked. I've never worked so hard for $7 in my entire life.